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Some of the images on this page were reproduced with permission from National Pool and Tile including watercolors and images with product names.

                             Move your mouse over the plaster colors to get a better view.


      Aqua White
StoneScapes | Aqua White StoneScapes | Aqua White

      Aqua Blue
StoneScapes | Aqua Blue StoneScapes | Aqua Blue

      Aqua Cool
StoneScapes | Aqua Cool StoneScapes | Aqua Cool

StoneScapes | Black StoneScapes | Black

StoneScapes | Jade StoneScapes | Jade

      Midnight Blue
StoneScapes | Midnight Blue StoneScapes | Midnight Blue

StoneScapes | Sand StoneScapes | Sand

      Tropics Blue
StoneScapes | Tropics Blue StoneScapes | Tropics Blue

      Caribbean Blue
StoneScapes | Caribbean Blue StoneScapes | Caribbean Blue

StoneScapes | Emerald StoneScapes | Emerald

      French Gray
StoneScapes | French Gray StoneScapes | French Gray

      Irish Mist
StoneScapes | Irish Mist StoneScapes | Irish Mist

StoneScapes | Mauve StoneScapes | Mauve

      Salt & Pepper
StoneScapes | Salt and Pepper StoneScapes | Salt and Pepper

      Tahoe Blue
StoneScapes | Tahoe Blue StoneScapes | Tahoe Blue

StoneScapes | White StoneScapes | White
StoneScapes StoneScapes

                             Move your mouse over the plaster colors to get a better view.


      Give your pool or spa the naturally beautiful look of a pebble-bottomed stream with StoneScapes! An inviting selection of colors and textures gives you the opportunity to express your own unique style. Move your mouse over any of the bars above to view that color, texture, and approximate water color.

      A perfect finish for any pool or spa, StoneScapes™ comes in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Also, please take a look at the unique Features and Benefits you receive when using StoneScapes™.

Unique Features and Benefits

StoneScapes™ effortlessly brings together the perfect mix

      StoneScapes™ effortlessly brings together the perfect mix of beauty, durability, comfort, and versatility. This formulated surface system combines science and nature to create an exceptional finish.

Natural Beauty

      Create the serenity and gracefulness of a pebble-bottomed stream in your own backyard. StoneScapes™ inviting, appealing colors and textures combine for a naturally harmonious look.


      Stronger than conventional pool surfaces and easier to maintain, StoneScapes™ resists etching staining and wear, and comes with a limited warranty.

      With a thicker, stronger, finish than conventional pools, you can count on the permanence of your StoneScapes™ pool finish. Typical plaster finishes are considerably thinner, while our pebble aggregate adds a toughnes and bulk that will last for years to come. All our pebble finishes come with a limited warranty.


      StoneScapes™ is an ideal finish for a new pool or spa, and can also be used to resurface existing ones. This excellent finish blends well with waterfeatures and virtually any back yard landscape design.


      The wonderful texture of StoneScapes™ is easy on feet and hands, and gives your pool a naturally textured finish.


      Many images and text were reproduced and/or modified with permission from National Pool and Tile, their partner companies, and/or subsidiaries. Thank you NPT, from all of us at All American Pool and Spas.

      There is no guarantee that colors viewed on this website will accurately depict products or the result of the use of those products on the All American Pools and Spas website. Though we make every effort possible to ensure that colors appear in a manner that you will experience, there is no way to ensure that monitors, televisions, etc. display images in the same manner.

      The shades of manufactured goods and finishes also may vary within a given color. Though it is our aim to give you the precise color desired, the manufacturing process places limitations upon the accuracy between batches. Always check the actual product before installation but be aware that the products effect upon the water will be undetermined until the product's use.

      StoneScapes™ is a trademark of NPT, SCP Distributors LLC, Superior Pool Products LLC, Alliance Trading, Inc, or any of their subsidiaries. In no way is All American Pool and Spas associated with the trademark. While All American Pool and Spas maintains, plasters, and replasters, pools with StoneScapes™, All American Pool and Spas is a separate entity, contracting its installation.












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